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Batik Tulis: Traditional Indonesian Batik Making in Solo

Batik Tulis maker in Solo Indonesia
Batik Tulis maker in Solo Indonesia

I’ve seen the fascinating Batik patterns in many shops when I was wandering the streets of Solo Indonesia. An Indonesian Batik is a cloth traditionally made using a wax-resistant dyeing technique. It is believed the age old tradition of batik making was introduced in Java between 6th and 7th century from India and Sri Lanka. Batik are usually sold in meters (2-2.5m) like tubes or sarong, but these days wit has been widely popular for contemporary use like a polo shirt for formal occasions (akin to Filipino’s barong) or a kebaya, similar to what the female flight attendants of Garuda Airline wear. Interestingly, the Indonesian Batik was also awarded by UNESCO as one of the “Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity”, this makes it worthwhile to go deeper and inspect how these Indonesian Batik are made.


Long Night

Wesley Valenzuela Exhibit

Well it was one long night. After some much work at the office it was time to unwind or to have a nice social night.

After office (or actually running out of the office), I went to the opening Art Exhibit of Wesley Valenzuela in “The Big & Small Art Co” Gallery in Mega Mall. I was able to meet another college schoolmate of mine and also a great artist himself Marcial Pontillas who won numerous art competition during college including having one of his works as a cover for those PLDT directories. He’s a friend of Leslies that’s why he was invited. Noticed though that most of the guest there came from UST. It was really nice to be back in the Art Circle.

Wesley’s work is more on the grunge side. Though his typography work on his mixed media pieces was well thought out and impressive. We decided to keep ourselves updated on the art scenes. Before we left the venue. I’m really vent in going back to art this time. And dreaming of having an exhibit of my own! Hehehe.

Leslie's Tagaytay

After the Exhibit, I headed back to Makati where the Lakbay Gang is waiting. We were to go to tagaytay that night for Dinner and to discuss future plans of the group. There was a slight misunderstanding within the group that has to be remedied and it seems everything is quite OK.

After looking for a place to eat, we ended up at Leslie’s Restaurant, a nice restaurant overlooking Taal (though we didn’t see anything because it’s night time). All I could say is that the food there were really DELICIOUS! From their bulalo, to sisig, chopsuey, and crispy pata. Every thing taste really good. Well maybe except for their Buko Pie. But it was satisfying lot.

As for the plan, I decided to scrap my Sagada Trip to swim with the whale sharks in Donsol. So Bicol it is!


Merry Christmas

Attached the illustration I made for a certain online mag but it’s still not out yet so here it is.

It’s christmas day today. And just a couple of hours ago the house was filled with people and noise. It was okay, I got ued to it as every year it’s been like a tradition. But it was okay. Its a bit fun to see all your relatives gather around and all your cash fly away in just a few momments. Hehehe.

It was a good thing I was able to control my eating last night during Noche Buena. I wouldn’t want to go back to my fat size before. We had gifts this time, my brother was kind enough to give all of us gifts while selfish-me attempted for sometime to buy gifts for other people and ended up buying for myself. Bought a short for my dad but I was given a bad waistline size. Sigh.

And how did I spend my Xmas morning, by watching “Whisper of the Heart” anime by studio Ghibli before my relatives arrived. And I reallly enjoyed the movie, one of the best I anime movies I have seen for some time. It really made me all mushy and inspired. I really like the main charater’s translation of John Denver’s song “Take me Home, Country Road”. I got the lyrics translation from the anime but it’s not quite the same as the subtitles from the movie.

I dreamed of living
without fear of being alone
Bottling up loneliness
I’ll go, preserving my strong self

Country Road, If you follow
this road all the way, I have a feeling
it’s the Country Road to my home town

No matter when I get sad
I never cry
Without meaning to, my pace quickens
To erase the memories

Country Road, even if this road
continues to my home town
I won’t go, you know
The Country Road I can’t take

Country Road, tomorrow
I’ll be the same, you know
I want to go home but I can’t
Farewell, Country Road

Enjoy the rest of Christmas day!!!

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