Those Dark Days

Ruffa the Tiger

I just got home from Avilon Zoo in Montalban. A very nice new Zoo there. Lotsa animals and some aquatic attractions. A very nice place where you could take your kids with. Well I was able to take some photographs tagging along with the Lakbay folks. I guess I needed to take some time off from the house after the family commotion yesterday.

I had an argument with my brother regarding things and privacy and how I see him wasting his life away to be the slave of this GF oh his. I guess it has to escalate to that, we almost had to hurt each other physically in the process, though I was compelled to do, I couldn’t. He was raving mad as a lion and I know of his temper. If I hurt him in any way he would be more erratic just as he was.

Well what’s the issue of the fight? Simple. Privacy, not to touch other people’s things and most of all respect. Which I think his GF doesn’t have. I don’t respect people who doesn’t respect other people. I guess I just can’t stand it anymore when people like her abuse my brother who seems to be obeying blindly her whims, from doing assignments till the wee hours of the morning and those annoying morning telephone calls which is more of a disturbance. And more importantly, him being a BUM for the past couple of months. Having not to find a decent work and I see hime spending most of his time on the phone or texting away. What a waste really. I guess it’s really draining.

Well it’s really funny what he thinks. He asks me “Why he doesn’t get angry when people touch his things?” Honestly I don’t know, cause I never bothered to touch his things except for some of his things which I ask permission though. But does he want me to think the way his think and not get angry when people touch my things? Am I wrong in this? Tell me…

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