Three Days Adventure Bohol 2010

EAT Danao Suislide

I kept telling people that there is more to Bohol than the usual Chocolate Hills, Tarsiers and Panglao. I had a chance to go back to Bohol several times this year and coincidentally, most of the activities I had there is to sample exciting adventure activities on different spots. Bohol is turning out to be one exciting adventure hub along with the popular attractions the island is known for. Here’s a nice itinerary for a Three Day Adventure in Bohol.

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Bohol: A Relaxing Afternoon at the Baclayon Baluarte

Baclayon Boardwalk Dusk

I parked my Dune Buggy at the side of the port just in time for the sun to go down. Baclayon shore faces the sunset making for a relaxing view in the afternoon. Even from afar, I could see tables and chairs being set up just across Baclayon Church. In the evening this baluarte turns into boulevard of barbecue stalls and eateries where locals can enjoy lounging around with a drink in hand and enjoy the ocean view. Something I haven’t seen before a couple of years ago when I was in this area.

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Bohol: Mongo-ol Bike Park and Baclayon Kayaking

Bohol Mango-ol Bike Park

I watch in amazement as Roel, a known local biker here in Bohol, gains momentum and speed as his bike descends on the rough slope leading to a short ramp which is the start of the biker’s trail. For a moment he and his bike were suspended in the air and instantly he dashes on a curve on to the rough mountain bike trail of Mongo-ol, Baclayon, Bohol. I know how to bike, but Roel, along with his fellow bikers here really know how to ride their mountain bikes easily on this mountain trail like riding on a pavement. They make it look so easy.

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Bohol: Rev Up at Baclayon’s Dune Buggy Trail and Eco-Tour

Baclayon Buggy Ride

I felt like a kid again with a new toy as I stepped on the gas and feel the engines surge as it rev up and cuts the wind heavily as my dune buggy speeds up on the rough trail. I held on the wheel as I turn on a corner, veering towards my left. Woah! There’s a cliff with a high drop on my right. Scary but I took the challenge and drove on the rocky and dusty trail despite the fear. Now this is what I call fun, I never thought there would be a Dune Buggy Trail Ride offering in Baclayon. It is certainly something different and new for this part of Bohol.

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Bohol: Amazing Snorkeling and White Beach in Pamilacan Island

Pamilacan Snorkeling

Still high from that amazing superpod dolphin sighting, our outrigger boat blasted its pump to the shores of Pamilacan Island. This small island is less frequented by tourist who would rather stay at the posh and becoming overdeveloped island of Panglao. Which means it still has that rustic, tropical island feel which I liked. Open cottages, fisher folks with carefree family and a nice stretch of white sand beach that makes 80% of the island’s shoreline. Now I’m yearning for some snorkeling.

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Bohol: A Superpod Dolphin Sighting at Pamilacan Island

Pamilacan Dolphin Watching

I’m glad I was staying at Peacock Garden in Baclayon and only had to wake up around 4:30am to prepare for our early morning boat ride to Pamilacan Island. I met my young host couple at the reception and they will accompany me on this island trip. Grabbing our bags of towels and packed breakfast, we rode our Van and drove for only 10 minutes (or less) to the Baclayon Baluarte (port).

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Bohol: The Peacock Garden Boutique Resort Luxury Getaway

Peacock Garden Luxury Resort and Spa

From the main coastal road of Baclayon, Bohol, just a few minutes past the Baclayon Church and Baluarte, our van took a left turn on a narrow road. We passed through a small community as we ascend taking a couple of turns on the road. It seems a distance away from the main road, I thought. But suddenly on my right I saw a large yellow gate with no pedestrian entrance. It opened to let the van through and I saw this large manicured garden with well cut grass and placed trees. Then on a higher ground stands a mansion that seemed to have been plucked out from a scene in Europe. Everything seems so elegant. I had no idea Bohol was hiding another wonder beyond what it is known for, I thought as I walk the grounds of the Peacock Garden Luxury Boutique Resort.

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