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Basilisa Island Hopping at Dinagat Islands

I’m sure there was a time in one of your trips when the weather was all gloom and rain then became bright and sunny when you’re about to leave. That was on repeat on my trip in Dinagat Islands. I was already at the port, about to buy my ferry ticket back to Surigao while feeling regretful seeing the sun out in all its glory. “Sir, pwede natin ituloy yung Basilisa, maganda na panahon (sir, we can continue with our Basilisa, the weather’s better)” the text I suddenly received from one of the boatman I was referred to for island hopping. I mean, I already have my baggage with me. All my stuff are packed in and organized already. Will I still have a chance to go back to Surigao within the day? To heck with this. I took one of the bao-bao (local transport) ride back to Don Ruben port. Let’s go island hopping under the sun!

Dinagat Islands Lakes Philippines

Dinagat Islands: Enigmatic Lake Bababu

We were supposed to visit other beaches in Libjo area but the weather wasn’t getting any better when we left Pangabangan island. Grey skies continued to darken as the afternoon gets deeper. The waters were starting to get wild too. So my boatman suggested to visit the inland attraction, Lake Bababu instead. Found in Basilisa, Lake Bababu is under the management of Bababu Ecotourism Adventure Park (BEAP). BEAP consist of officers from the LGU and the family of the original founder of the lake, Peter Langit.

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