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Transit: Manila to Banaue & Batad

Banaue Jeep Topload

A Fully loaded Jeep in Banaue

Let me say this first, that this trip to Batad is already my 4th time and that says something. It’s one of those places that I don’t regret going back to. It’s both good and bad on my part. The good is, I get to see how the place have changed since the first time I went there and second is seeing how bad things may have changed since then. It’s my fourth time there but it’s going to be the first time I’ll be writing about here in length along with Banaue.

General Ifugao

Traversing Cambulo to Batad

Looking back at Cambulo behind us

Looking back at Cambulo behind us [E500]

This would be my last post for the Cambulo/Batad series. I’d just like to share the beautiful scenery between the 2 villages in Ifugao. Despite the continues rains, the terraces never fail to mesmerize. In fact, the added mist and fog added to the drama of the scenery, making it more enigmatic to the eyes.

General Ifugao Waterfalls

Hectic Week

ME at Tappia Falls, Batad

Well it’s been one hectic week. After my second trip to Batad in Benguet, I just realized that there’s a whole bunch of project ahead of me. I guess I’ll be spending a lot of my time at home finishing them.

Well I need the money anyways, and I’m in a saving mood. I’m aiming to get that new Siemens M65 outdoor phone to replace my more than 2 years old Siemens C45.

Well gotta go and rest now. Need all the energy I could get.

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