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El Nido: Miniloc Island’s Small and Big Lagoon

El Nido Entering Miniloc Small Lagoon

Heading off to Miniloc Island’s Small Lagoon

Remember those gorgeous desktop wall papers or those java applets with crystal clear moving waters on WebPages with ridiculously beautiful looking beaches or scenery that led you asking yourself whether this place is real? Well, El Nido Palawan is like stepping straight into that screen and seeing it all for real with your bare naked eyes. Island hopping in Bacuit Bay showed us that Miniloc Island, the first island we’ll visit is just the tip of the iceberg and it keeps getting better.

Palawan Palawan Philippines Travel

El Nido: Going Island Hopping in Bacuit Bay Palawan

El Nido Island Hopping

Island Hopping inBacuit Bay El Nido

Bacuit Bay is littered with 45 islands and islets. Some of them are sole limestone islands towering up to three stories high while the larger islands has beautiful stretches of blinding white sands against the deep cobalt blue of the sea. There are also beaches partially hidden by limestone coves and secret ones that can be reached by swimming through small crevices. Other islands have scenic lagoons and caves waiting to be explored. With so many islands it can be daunting for first time traveler to choose which islands to visit first.

Palawan Palawan Philippines Travel

El Nido: Caalan Beach Views in Changing Light

El Nido Caalan Beach Cadlao Twilight View

Cadlao Island and the rugged coast of Caalan Beach

This is what I have to go through every day during my stay in El Nido. Staying in Hadefe Cottages meant that I have to walk 10 minutes or so to and fro town on a dusty track going by the shore. On occasions I ask myself, why we don’t move somewhere more convenient like the other half of our group staying at the center of town. My roomie insist that it’s been a while since he has walked around and had a good exercise as well. When we reach that corner after the cemetery I remember why I like this place. I never tire of the views here in Caalan.

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Lakbay Norte: Morning at the Hundred Islands Pangasinan

100 Islands Pangasinan

Some of the Islands fomr the 100 Islands seen from Governor’s Island

It’s our 5th day on our Lakbay Norte Bus which is fast becoming our mobile home after staying inside it on the road for days. On my little corner of the bus I already know the idiosyncrasies of my reclining seat, how our bus help Kenneth know I prefer Fit & Right Pine Orange and like the spice of Labzter snack than Tempura, and how I can efficiently arrange my stuff whenever we leave and board the bus. We got a few more days to go and this time, we found ourselves in Lucap for the Hundred Islands Tour.

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El Nido: Hadefe Cottages and other Budget Accommodations

Hadefe Cottages

View from Hadefe Cottages

I felt the driver crank up the speed as he leaned forward the tricycle looking at him from the back seat. It’s not that the three of us were heavy along with our baggage coming from Lio Airport, it’s just that the road going to El Nido town slopes prominently high. Once past that it was a breezy 10-15minutes ride into town. The group was split into half, Melo and I would be staying in Hadefe Cottages in Caalan Beach.

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