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Laos: Portraits of a Laven Tribe

Laven Ethnic Tribe Playing Music

An ethnic Laven playing a native guitar

Just a short walk from Pa Suam Falls, is an ethnic village where we found a community of Laven Tribe. The Laven Tribe is the most predominant tribe in Southern Laos. Bolaven Plateau actually came from the name Bolaven which means “Home of the Laven”. Before, when people say Laos, the first picture that comes to mind for me are monks and temples. So I’m glad to be able to interact with some indigenous tribes in Laos as well.

Laos Travel Waterfalls

Laos: Waterfalls hopping at Bolaven Plateau

Bolaven Plateau's Majestic Tad Yuang Falls

Bolaven Plateau’s Majestic Tad Yuang Falls

After kick starting our day with a spicy breakfast of Foe noodles, we finally made our way to Bolaven Plateau. About 50km from Pakse, Bolaven Plateau is at the North Eastern province of Champasak located up to 1300 meters above sea level. With the cool climate, abundant rainfall, rich volcanic soil, it has been world reknown for its coffee. I’m not there for the coffee though but for the number of waterfalls found in the area.

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