City of Kuching: Things to See and Do

City of Kuching sundown over Sarawak River

As one of the most populous city in Malaysia, the City of Kuching seemed provincial and laid back despite the city developments. I like those kind of cities where it doesn’t feel rushed yet has the infrastructure comfort of urban living. Sarawak River threading through the city, adding a steady flow of balance between tranquility and hustle. We had a chance to see more of Kuching when friends from Place Borneo gave us a little tour to compliment our own wanderings.

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Taichung City | Houfeng Bikeway: An Old Tunnel, Steel Bridge and Scenic Bike Trail

The Houfeng Bikeway

One thing I really like about Taiwan is how bike-friendly the country is. Bikeways are some of the main attractions in Taichung. Still at Houli district coming from the Chungse Tourist Flower Market, we found ourselves near a horse ranch and city park where there are several bike rental services in the area. The area is part of the Houfeng Bikeway (also called Hou-feng Bikeway). An extensive 4.5 km bike path running along an old mountain railway. It offers a unique experience of varying sceneries from the country side, the longest railway tunnel and a steel bridge.

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#SailEast Savoring the Sights at San Juanico Bridge

San Juanico Bridge from the air

I have passed by this iconic bridge in Eastern Visayas several times already. I realized I have not written about it yet as this megastructure deserves its own entry. The San Juanico Bridge is the longest bridge over a body of water in the Philippines. Connecting the city of Tacloban, Leyte to the town of Sta Rita in Samar. The bridge spans 2,164 meters (7,100 ft) crossing over San Juanico Strait. This meandering steel bridge is a man-made wonder worthy a stop when in Tacloban to marvel at this architectural feat. Travel on foot along its side pedestrian lane to enjoy the picturesque views at the strait.

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From Singapore’s Helix Bridge to Marina Bay Sands Light and Water Show

It seems that every time I visit Singapore, there is always something happening. Constructions here and there doesn’t seem to stop. A couple of years after, I found myself back in Singapore, courtesy of a Photography Talk for Sony Singapore. We spent most of time for the event but spared a day to go around the city and see what has developed. Our friend J, a long time resident, took us for a night stroll from the infamous Marina Bay’s iconic Merlion Statue passing by the Helix Bridge and into the Marina Bay Sands Light and Water Show.

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Amarapura: Sundown at U Bein’s Bridge

The travel time from Mahamuni Paya to U Bein’s Bridge in Amarapura took about 45 minutes or so. And within those minutes I saw how crazy the traffic is or the lack of it. “Anyone can just drive motorbikes here, even young ones” says Olsen, my motorbike driver. No wonder, nobody is really teaching people how to drive here. And as farther we leav the city, the road also seemed to be a blur. Sometimes we would just turn and find a road I wasn’t even sure it was. “How about license?” I asked. Most people don’t have it since its very hard to get and expensive. If people get into trouble they just pay a fee. Despite the chaotic road traffic, I’m somewhat comfortable with his driving skills since he assured me he doesn’t “Drink and Drive”

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Agusan del Norte: A Day in Butuan, the City of Bridges and Balangays

It was interesting to know that during my research for our Butuan-Bislig-Davao exploration trip, I found a connection to the Champa Kingdom of Vietnam in Butuan. I was able to visit the My Son Champa Ruins in Vietnam before and it made me wonder if Butuan had any relics recovered pertaining to their trade in the 10th Century. I only know of the Balangays here in Butuan so I was looking forward to discover what else I can find here even for a day.

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