What You Need To Know About Traveling To China

Combined with the money, language barrier, visas, and the Great Firewall, traveling to China can be slightly daunting.

Yet it can be enjoyable and easy when you come prepared.

A vacation in China provides unmatched cultural experiences. You are able to walk over crumbling parts of the magnificent Great Wall, watch the beautiful pandas based in Chengdu, and even watch the archaeologists digging the Terracotta Warriors out.

We have prepared a list of the things you should be considering and arranging before you decide to make the trip to China.

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6 Unexplored Budget Destinations for Your Christmas Getaway

While some people are making endless lists of what to buy this Christmas, you and your family start packing to spend this year’s holidays meandering to a few breathtaking unexplored parts of the country. Wandering to incredible places can strengthen connections especially if the trip is secured with travel insurance to cover the high costs that can be incurred in times of mishaps.

Before this year ends, you and your loved ones can find a way to venture into an educational and life-changing journey without having to spend much on tickets and hotel accommodation. Brace yourselves as we unveil budget destinations you’ve never heard before that will sure help make this Christmas more memorable.

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Makati: Finding Home at Our Melting Pot Hostel

The private queen bed room at OMP
The private queen bed room at OMP

Stepping into a foreign land can be intimidating and exciting. Expect some degree of culture shock as one learns the rope of a place. The ease of getting used to a foreign land depends on one’s first few steps are. In my case, I can get by with mid-range to budget hostels and inns when I travel, much like Motherland Inn when I went to Burma. They were so friendly and helpful on a personal level that I quickly adjusted. But for the Philippines who’s not really accustomed to hostels, sleeping at dorms with strangers, communal bathrooms, I was glad to learn that there is already a growing number of backpacker friendly hostels and one of them is Our Melting Pot Hostel in Makati.

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