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Sibuyan Island Travel Guide

Isolated to the rest of the world since the ice age, and never connected to any Philippine archipelago since history, Sibuyan Island’s seclusion has kept its pristine state since geological formation. With the seismic forces pushing its jagged mountain peaks up to 2,000 meters above sea, much Sibuyan Island is untouched. Naturalist and scientist around the world were quick to give the island a moniker, “Galapagos if Asia”. The island itself has its own character, having one of the richest concentration of endemic flora and fauna. The island also has the densest forest in the world.

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Waterfalls of Sibuyan Island

Sibuyan island is one of the most fascinating in the country in terms of biodiversity. Its 445 square meter area is home to more than 123 species of trees (54 are endemic), estimated 700 vascular plants species, 131 species of birds, ten fruit bats and more animals that have yet to be catalogued. A naturalist haven that it wasn’t many are calling this the “Galapagos of Asia”. But Sibuyan Island should be called by its own character, home of the world’s densest forest and rich biodiversity. I was excited to finally step on this island of MIMAROPA and glad to be able to explore the waterfalls of Sibuyan Island. There are around 44 waterfalls but only a number accessible to tourist. Check them out below.