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El Nido Canopy Walk: Easy and Eco-friendly Way to Enjoy the Taraw Cliff

The 230-meter-high El Nido Taraw Cliff is an imposing natural landmark in El Nido town. I remember the strenuous climb up its craggy limestone cliffs years before. It was not easy but definitely rewarding panoramas. I wanted to climb up again when I came back to El Nido coming from Balabac. Unfortunately, the Taraw Cliff climb is not being offered by any tours. Pandemic restrictions were just easing out and the next best thing is the El Nido Canopy Walk. I could actually see the view deck just behind the bed and breakfast where I’m staying. I thought it was rather low, but since I’m already there and have an afternoon to spare, I decided to try the El Nido Canopy Walk.

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