Siquijor: From underground to the highest point of Siquijor Island

Cantabon Cave natural bath tub

Apologies for the slow updates here as I’ve been caught in between some side projects and work related projects as well. Promise to do my blog rounds as soon as I’m able. For the meantime here’s one of my last few entries for Siquijor. After doing some rounds of beaches and mangrove sanctuaries surrounding the island, it’s time to go inland and go subterranean and explore some underground wonders, after which, we’ll do a short hike up to the highest point of the island.

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E.A.T. Danao: Bohol’s new adventure destination

Kayak and tubbing in Wahig River, Bohol

Note: I’m reposting this entry as before I was asked kindly by the folks at Smile Magazine to remove the post until the issue is out. Now the October/November issue of Smile Magazine is out, and it’s an Adventure Packed issue, so if you are flying via Cebu Pacific Airlines anytime between October and November, don’t forget to check out the latest issue of Smile. You could preview the line up at their website

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Batanes: Hataw sa Mahatao

When you’re in Batanes, always expect the unexpected. This small region is governed by the weather and the people’s strong belief. So whatever plans you’ve layout here, prepare to change it, as every turn on its winding roads, every change in the wind’s direction and the changes in the tide of the sea holds a few surprises. This we learned in extreme ways during our stay in the region.

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Pangihan Cave

Pangihan Cave entrance view

Another attraction in Malay, Aklan is Pangihan Cave. Just 15-20 minutes from Caticlan Airport, is Barangay Poblacion where you’ll find the cave. The cave is said to have 8 chambers but we were only able to explore 3 since we were pressed for time. The whole cave system is said to have an area of 5,001 sq. m and can be explored in 45-minutes.

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