China: News from Chengdu

Bedazzled at the sounds and lighshows at Tian Fu Plaza

During our backpacking expedition in South West China, I’m always on the lookout for fellow kababayans which we may have crossed path with on our journey. I know its a sign of missing home a bit but being in a place for days where you only hear foreign languages being spoken, it’s a big relief to hear and see a fellow Pinoys along the way. Unfortunately throughout our 11 days in China, we only caught a couple who we heard spoke in Tagalog. Wasn’t able to took to them though since they quite a distance already. Few weeks after I posted Charming Chengdu, hearing a Pinoy living and working in Chengdu was still a relief even if I’m no longer there. I wanted to know the conditions there right now after the earthquake so I asked John, a Filipino Architect living and working in Chengdu.

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Mourning for China

A candle for each victim of the Sichuan Earthquake China

I know in our country we already have a lot of problems to take care of. Like the recent Typhoon Cosme which ravaged Zambales and left a few people dead, the rising prices and even worse, politics. I seldom read or watch the news so I’m not really updated on political situations but in environmental and calamity news, I make sure to pay attention. When I learned about the Cyclone that hit Burma (didn’t even know Cyclones exist here in south east Asia) I was devastated by the news. And I was more surprised recently on what happened to Sichuan China lately. That 7.9 earthquake which hit south-west China left more than 3000 people dead. For this I offer my deepest condolences to the families, victims and the Chinese government.

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