Rock Ed: Human Rights now!

Noel Cabangon

Noel Cabangon, kickstarts the gathering

The RockEd Gathering at the Podium. Despite the rains the Gathering Party went on but it wasn’t much crowded, probably because of the rain. Fortunately it didn’t rain throughtout the concert. And thought it was a great opportunity to try to shoot low light concerts.


Vocalist Beng Calma, lends her sultry voice to the trip-hop sound of Drip

Rocke Ed celebrates the Human Rights Day and the 3rd International WhiteBand Day.

Sponge Cola

Spnge Cola’s frontman Yael Yuzon, strums his guitar while doing an Eraserhead’s cover “Pare Ko”


Reviving the “COD” christmas tradition

Christmas Show in Greenhills

The COD Christmas show now in Greenhills

I remember when I was a child (like 10-15 years ago) my dad used to take the family to Cubao to buy toys as our christmas gifts, but what I remember most is the automated christmas show. People would gather up the streets of Cubao, facing up the facade of the famous COD department store, the stage where the ultimate “Christmas Show” would start. As a child I was really in awe of those moving robots, the lightshow, music and especially those flying spaceships! Just wow! It has been somewhat a tradition for us to see what COD has in their sleeves. And I think it was really popular back then that a lot of commercial brands started sponsoring the event and would plaster their banners on every contraption of the stage. Somehow, after the years (maybe because of those commercial banners) the show just wasn’t that good anymore. A few years back I was saddened to hear that they have decided to shut the “Christmas Show” down, since COD could no longer fund it.

Impressive setting

Improved animatronics and setting

Now, fortunately, with Greenhill’s plan to revive its lot, they rescued this “animated heritage” and found it’s new home in Greenhills shopping center. Still in part with COD, the automated mechanical show still has the magic it has before. And what’s better, those advertisements are gone. This year’s theme is “Christmas Carnival“, and the light show and animatronics looks great. You have to see this dancing girl on stage! And what’s better I think this time around is the setting is the Tiangge. Their goods are really cheap.

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