Batangas Mountains

Mt. Daguldol climb

I’ve been longing to go back to the mountain for quite some time so I accepted an invitation from, fellow climber Ruby of MFPI to climb Mt. Daguldol in San Juan, Batangas. Still weary-eyed from lack of sleep, I packed my bags around 4 am Saturday morning and quickly set off to sleep. Good thing our assembly was at noon time in Buendia where our Vans would pick us up. Don’t know much of the guys who will be coming along, but I saw some guys mostly with “daypacks” and large sleeping bags. Some girls even have shoulder bags with them. Are they going to a mall? Probably, first-time climbers, I thought. We were around 18 people inside the Van, but a good thing, it was spacious, cool, and comfortable.

Batangas Mountains

Wake up call

I think it’s been 7 months since I climbed a mountain. And what a way to start the year with the same mountain I last climbed in 2004, Gulugod Baboy (“Pig’s Spine”). This was supposed to be really easy but since my endurance have somehow waned down a bit, I felt a bit exhausted. Still, the first trip from “Lakbay Unlimited” was successful. Last year was a real bummer for the group’s travel activity since everyone was busy with their own stuff. And finally, the experience of being on top of a mountain is back! And also the blistering cold!


Gulugod Baboy and Digimac Exhibit

Morning View at Gulugod Baboy

Whew! I’ve been on the move since Friday. It was really nice to see the Lakbay Unlimited folks back again in one place. Last Friday the guys had a nice video night in Marco’s place. We watched “Anger Managment”, which is quite funny and also “Gothika” a nice suspense movie, which made the girls in the room scream in suspense. Quite a fun movie. I had to leave them early, after the two movie since I have a climb on weekend.

I was actually having second thoughts about the climb in Gulugod Baboy, I just packed my bag that morning when I arrived that morning from the “Lakbay” gathering. I was ready to text Ruby that I won’t make it, but since I already gave my word a week ago that I would be joining them I pulled myself to the Buendia station that morning.

Believe it or not I actually enjoyed that climb. The guys, especially the KFC folks were a nice and wacky company, and they cook great outdoor food. The place and trail isn’t that hard. It’s only 470 meters actually but when we got to the summit, I really enjoyed the place. It really reminded me of Batanes’ Marlboro Country. It was a really nice summit, disregarding the cow shit spread all over the campsite. The 360 degrees view from the summit is really breath taking.

The next day was another story actually, I’m a bit annoyed how disorganized our After climb activity was. It could have been better planned and lots of time wasted. I really didn’t like what the other group did of having drinks that early morning. I mean we should have settled on our place first after which they could just do what ever they want. We wasted like 2 hours. And I was really diappointed at this 20 pesos beach they chose. Sheesh. Well you get what you pay for! Just when I was in a snorkeling mood.

Well nevertheless, it was a nice climb overall, except for that boboo that morning. I told Ruby that we should had sticked to our IT. Instead, we ended up adjusting our time to the other group with us. Don’t get me wrong, they’re nice, but I’m quite strict on time and planning.

Digimac Exhibit

Anyways, the weekend didn’t end there. Before I went home that evening, I was still able to catch the Digimac Exhibit in megamall. I was really glad when I saw my artwork there (lower left in the picture). Out of 250+ entries, I was one of the 20 artworks there. Wohoo. Well that’s good enough for me right now.

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