Pearl of the Orient: Unveiling the Charms of Travel in the Philippines

El Nido 7 Commandos Beach

With precisely 7,641 islands dotting the Pacific Ocean, The Philippines is an archipelago in Southeast Asia gifted with interesting geographical features and stretches of pristine white sand beaches lapped by crystal-clear turquoise waters. If you want to experience Mother Nature at its finest, there is no better way to do so than by booking Philippines trips right now. 

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Birds of Coron and Busuanga

Birding has been one of the activities I enjoy while traveling lately. It gets me really immersed in nature. It’s a calming activity. And being able to observe bird behavior and the species found in the area gives me an idea on the state of the environment is. My travel to Coron and Busuanga got me excited to spot more birds in the province. Palawan alone has 23 bird species out of the 218 endemic found in the Philippines. Birds of Coron and Busuanga is a collection of birds I encountered from my last trip. Surely bumped my list of bird lifers.

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Revisiting Coron in 2021: Coron Island and Town

Banol Beach at Coron Island

After 9-10 months since our community quarantine started, destinations have started to slowly and carefully ease up restrictions. To jumpstart our travel industry, major destinations like Boracay, Baguio and Bohol served as a model for safety protocols and procedures for travel. Last December 2020, world-class tourist destination, Palawan opened its doors to outsiders, particularly for those coming from Manila. Coron, Palawan, ushered in welcoming tourist. In company with DOT-MIMAROPA, we were able to experience how it is like to travel safely to Coron, Palawan. An exciting invitation to see how travel has changed during the pandemic. Also to check the state of Coron island’s, beaches and other attractions.

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Top Adventures in Coron

Coron entrance to Kayangan lake

Coron has been declared one of the most beautiful islands, not just in the Philippines but the whole world. So, if Coron is not on your bucket list, then it is time you did so, or you would be missioning out on a whole lot of fun and excitement. It is a haven for the adventure lovers who simply love the breathtaking scenery, the pure nature, and the clearest waters.

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A Year in Travels April 2013 | Back in Coron, Singapore Supertrees and Aliwan Fiesta

The little city with big developments, Singapore, is always an interesting to visit. I’m always looking forward too new sites and structures I would see whenever I’m there. But last April’s visit was more of a job since for the first time I was able to talk about Photography and the Philippines to a foreign audience. It was an enriching experience to say the least. We did allot a day to explore what’s new in Singapore since my last visit like the Supertrees at the Gardens by the Bay and the Helix Bridge.

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La Immaculada Concepcion Church Culion Island in Detail

Facade of La Immaculada Concepcion Church in Culion

It may probably the first thing you’ll see upon approaching Culion Island. The red-colored walls of La Immaculada Concepcion Church is eye-catching from afar. It stands on a hill overlooking the sea and part of the town. It’s an even beautiful church up close and right beside it is Hotel Maya and a light house with war cannons pointing to the open sea. Since its nearby where we are staying, it’s easy to just visit this neighbor of a church and admire its wonderful details.

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