100th Entry

Filbars 25th Anniversary Cosplay Contest

Hey this is my 100th Entry!!! Hehehe. Anyways, I’ve been very busy lately with some projects that I have not been able to blog for a while. But the week has been great lately.

Last Monday, I got word from Redberger of Philweavers that my Cube entry got in!! Woohoo, am gonna get published. Though I didn’t get in the finals of Digimac, it was okay. I realized, after seeing all those finalist, I should have been more serious with my entry there and thought of it more carefully. Well no regrets there.

Also last Monday I passed by this 25th Filbars Anniversary Event in Glorietta. Caught the band Kapatid playing and I stopped for a while to watch the awarding of the CosPlay competition. It was amusing to see those finalist get into their roles. After which I went home.

Well. I still have a lot to do. Will update later on but hey. It’s my 100th entry!!!

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