E-500 Field test

Gateway Dome Ceiling

Gateway, Araneta, Dome Ceiling

Spent some of my time this weekend playing around with my new Olympus E500 toy and trying to get accustomed with its controls and settings. I think I’m getting a hang of it as some of its controls and menus are somewhat similar to C750. Still I think I have to adjust to its more detailed white balance settings and focusing. Below are some field test samples. No post-processing done, just resizing, watermark and web compression.

One thing I enjoy from the E500 is its 14-45mm Zuiko Kit Lens which is a 28-90mm equivalent on a 35mm camera standard. It’s a nice wide angle lens and focusing is quite fast as well. The dome shot in Araneta’s Gateway has was shot in full wide angle (28mm), Aperture Priority at f3.5, shutter at 1/10sec handheld, Auto White Balance and an ISO of 100.

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