Marinduque Video

Video: Cycling in Gasan: A Ride to Haynon Hills

This is the second video of a three-part video series of our rides in Marinduque. For our second day, we headed southward passing by the municipalities of Gasan and Buenavista. We are visiting one of our highlight locations, the Haynon Hills in barangay Malbog in Buenavista.

Bike Touring Marinduque Video

Video: A Bicycle Adventure in Boac

The first part of our Marinduque cycling video series. This part features our arrival in Boac, welcomed with a Putong ceremony and a heritage ride in town with the local biking community.

Bike Touring Marinduque Travel

Discovering Marinduque’s Heritage: A Bicycle Adventure in Boac

Marinduque, with its heart-shaped allure, has always held a special place in my early travel adventures. I’ve been lucky to visit this enchanting island three times before, savoring its scenic coastal roads, captivating falls, lush hills, and vibrant cultural tapestry. But on this recent trip, thanks to the wonderful support of DOT MIMAROPA, I had the opportunity to experience Marinduque in an entirely new way – exploring its wonders on two wheels. Biking through this picturesque paradise allowed me to connect more intimately with its beauty, embracing the slower pace that enriched my appreciation of the island’s charm.

Bike Touring

A Year of Cycling Through the Pandemic

“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them”

Ernest Hemingway

98 Rides. 2,055 km distance. Ride climb as high as 566 masl. That’s how a year of cycling through the pandemic looks like from my Strava. At least the ones I were able to log. It’s been a year since I had En, what I call my Dahon Route folding bike. What the stats doesn’t show are the loads of cargo my bike handled running grocery errands, the sense of freedom riding a bike brought in the constrained world of community quarantine and pesos I saved and possible COVID19 transmissions I avoided by using my bike as an active transport.

Adventure Bike Touring Lakes Nantou County Taiwan

A Short Scenic Bike Ride Along Sun Moon Lake

CNN listed the bikeways at Sun Moon Lake as one of the “10 Cycling Routes in the world that will take your breath away”. I get to find out for myself if this isn’t just a hype. During our luxury stay at Fleur de Chine, I made sure to wake up early and maximize my morning by the lake. We have a biking activity in the morning but there were still hours to spare for quick morning stroll. After seeing the star studded sky, placid lake and mountain gradients from my room balcony I was just too eager to get close to the lake.


1st Padyakan sa Bataan 2006

Mariveles biking trail

Challenging biking trails in Bataan

Last Sunday, April 2, culminating the Araw ng Kagitingan in Bataan. Another 1st in the mountain biking enthusiast was held – the Padyakan sa Bataan 2006, organized by the Bataan Trail Riders in cooperation with the local tourism of Bataan. Since early morning, throngs of cyclist gather from different areas, even from Manila to join this exciting event.

Speed it up

Racers test their speed and skill at the 1st Padyakan sa Bataan

I’ve always been fascinated by Mountain Biking. But after seeing these enthusiast test their mettle under the heat of the sun, pushing their bikes on rough terrains, sweating it all out and going beyond their limit. Ayoko na! Hehehe! I’d rather not go with this sport. Tama na sa akin mag mountain climbing. Kasi ang gears sa mountain biking umaabot ng 150,000 pesos! I think I can’t afford to spend that much unless I make it my career.

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