A cursory look at 2008 destinations

Lampost purple

The way 2008 started looks really promising and exciting as well. Getting a citation from WikiPilipinas.org as Wikipinoy of the Year for Bloggers under Geography and Travel on the first weekend of the year was quite a surprise. It’s really heartening to know that somehow, in this little corner of blogosphere, I’m able to contribute some information on the web regarding our beautiful country. And in 2008, I plan on continuing that by venturing into more adventurous destinations, more off-the-beaten paths and possibly (re)discovering some hidden gems in our 7107 islands and beyond. So here’s what to expect on 2008.

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Ironwulf’s Best of 2007 Destinations

Placing large photo prints on my room wall

Holiday greetings! I hope everyone’s having a grand vacation. Truth to tell, I’ve been yearning to go to a certain destination like back to Sagada or anywhere else since I’m really excited to test my personal gift this Christmas, a 12-60mm (24-120mm) 2.8-4 SWD High Grade Zuiko Lens brought by my friend (Thank you Meg!) from Japan. With its considerably wider angle and longer zoom than my kit lens, and faster speed too, it would be my walk-around lens from now on. I already bought a couple of filters for it as well but things didn’t really work out. With the crazy humid weather we’re experiencing and occasional rains pouring in I thought I just stay here in Manila, which is a good thing actually. Aside from saving a bit of money, I get to spend some time at home with family, and actually clean my room. I’ve been so busy nowadays I didn’t realize dust has already settled on top of my old books I could no longer see the covers! Aside from cleaning and hanging up some large prints on my room wall, this free time has also given me some time to think about what I want for 2008 as well as looking back on 2007, thus producing this list. This would be the first time for me to do a Best-of-the Best series. As all travels has been great but there are some that really stood out in terms of character. So enough yakking and here goes.

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