Aurora General

Kindness of Strangers

Dicasalarin Cove

Travel have a lot of treasures hidden in every experience. And one of those is the kindness of strangers. I know we hear a lot from people, that the world is turning from bad to worse. And that you can no longer trust anyone without knowing who really that person is. Fortunately, in our travels, we came across with people who would lend us some helping hand and were simply kind and helpful. One couple I could never forget are the couples from Sabtang, Batanes. We were stranded in the island for 2 nights after our boat toppled from the strong waves. Since people of Batanes were dictated by their belief and the weather, we could not leave the island until Black Saturday. The couple graciously offered their home to us with food and all. Along that is their amusing stories about their children and their younger days.

Lately, our trip to Aurora led us to another hospitable stranger. Aurora, seems to be detached from the rest of the country by the Sierra Mountain Range, yet we were still able to go there thanks to Marco’s driving skill along the tracherous winding and rough road. Our priority was the Dicasalarin Cove in San Luis. I never expected that there would be a rough steep trail going down to the cove from the Pag-asa radar which may be have been hard on some of our companions. On the beach we were welcomed by Manong Gil who offered his humble place for us, were we could get some water and clean up as well. It made our stay at the cove more pleasant and we were able to appreciate the rough beauty of the cove more.

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