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11-Days in Myanmar Chronicles Itinerary and Travel Budget

Pre-departure area at Yangon International Airport
Pre-departure area at Yangon International Airport

Admittedly, it was hard to pack my stuff on the day of my leaving the country. I thought that the time I stayed there was too short but really memorable. I had my breakfast at Motherland  Inn 2 and rode their free shuttle to Yangon International Airport.  Checking-in, passing through the immigration was a breeze and gave me enough time at the pre-departure area. And there were no exit 10,000 kyat exit fee as I read on some old text. All that kyat I was saving went to some souvenir ref magnets for home. Sitting at the chair looking at the runway, looking at my notes. I spent 11 days in Myanmar spending a little over P23000 during the trip.

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