China: Dujiangyan City

Dujiangyan Hanging Bridges

On the recent major earthquake in China, one of the cities that was majorly affected was Dujiangyan City since it was close to the epicenter of the quake. It’s devastating to know that schools were some of structures badly damaged. I’m dedicating this post to the victims of the quake. Dujiangyan is a pretty little City just lying a little west, up north of Chengdu City. We visited another UNESCO World Heritage Site there which is the Dujiangyan Irrigation System.

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Mourning for China

A candle for each victim of the Sichuan Earthquake China

I know in our country we already have a lot of problems to take care of. Like the recent Typhoon Cosme which ravaged Zambales and left a few people dead, the rising prices and even worse, politics. I seldom read or watch the news so I’m not really updated on political situations but in environmental and calamity news, I make sure to pay attention. When I learned about the Cyclone that hit Burma (didn’t even know Cyclones exist here in south east Asia) I was devastated by the news. And I was more surprised recently on what happened to Sichuan China lately. That 7.9 earthquake which hit south-west China left more than 3000 people dead. For this I offer my deepest condolences to the families, victims and the Chinese government.

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