A Budbud Kabog Treat at Dumaguete’s Painitan

One thing I distinctly remember in my first visit to Dumaguete in 2007, I bought this delicacy which I thought was the typical suman (a glutinous rice cake wrapped in banana leaves). The vendor at the market told me its a Budbud Kabog (some spelled Budbod or bod-bod), which at first I thought was their local term for suman. As I unwrapped a piece while sitting at the boulevard, its distinct aroma caught me that this wasn’t ordinary. The grains also looks finer. A bite made a lot of difference as the delicacy quickly melts in my mouth spreading a rich delightful flavor hint of coconut flavor that’s moderately sweet. So this is Budbud Kabog!

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Dumaguete City Strolling

Dumaguete Church Plaza Garden

The coastal city of Dumaguete in Negros Oriental is also considered the land of the gentle people. At some sense I had to agree with that since I found Dumaguete upon first impression very peaceful. You don’t have that sense of danger or urgency. It’s almost like any rural city but this one dominated by the large Silliman University and a lot cleaner in my opinion. And it was a surprise to see a lot of foreign backpackers and nationals are here. Just says something about the place.

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Dumaguete: Casaroro Falls

I thought I would never be able to go on with this trip. I had a flu that seems to resurface for the past couple of weeks. And when I thought I was well already, I swam and had my flu back again. Talking about stubborn. I knew I had a trip coming real soon which made me a bit frustrated being in sickbay. Come November 1 morning, the day we were about to leave, I decided to push through despite having a fever the night before and some persistent dry cough. I was feeling a bit better when I woke up so off I go headed to the domestic airport for Dumaguete and Siquijor. I always thought, hey this may be the best time to see if those Mananambals (healers) in Siquijor could relieve me of my sickness.

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