The Bohol Bee Farm

Bee Farm’s honeyed Halo-halo special

Whenever I go to an establishment, place or ate foods that I really like. I try to promote and share it here as much as possible. And there’s one such bed and breakfast place we stumbled upon in Panglao Island in Bohol. It is somewhat on the same league as Cavite’s Sonya’s Garden Bed and Breakfast but with an added sea side view. Enter the land of honey in Bohol’s Bee Farm.

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Cambodia: Khmer Eats

Cambodian Chicken Dish

Updated: Thank you Toe for the help on naming the dishes 😀

Let me start first that by saying that I’m no food critic nor a gourmet expert and my cooking skills rank below 5 out 10. But one thing I know is that I do appreciate good food and binge into what I really enjoy. And in any adventure, I always try to be as adventurous with the local dish as well. Cambodia is no exception of course, a taste of Khmer Cuisine is a welcome experience.

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Eat up in Binondo

Binondo Church

Binondo is a really amusing place in this part of Manila. I enjoy the smell, the structures and especially the food. The old 16th century Binondo Church still retains its old stone walls. The interiors looks more grand than most churches and the altar seems similar to those in European design. Did you know the first Philippine saint, Lorenzo Ruiz, started here as an altar boy? I certainly didn’t. Hmmm… this would be a very interesting church to take picture of for Simbang Gabi.

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A way to start the day

My breakfast meal

I woke up so early today for some strange unknown reason. I looked into my phone clock and saw that it was 4:44 am which weirded me out and noticed there was no signal around with the “Emergency Calls Only” on the network status. Tossing and turning around to get some shut eye but the zzzz’s has already flown by the window and all I see is the deep blue sky at dawn penetrating this mind boggling early morning wake up call.

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A day in SG 04: At the Marina

Esplanade Roof

I wanted to continue on the blow-by-blow account of my day at Singapore, but I also kind of wanted to fast track it a little just to end the series. Taking off from Little India I headed to Orchard Road, Singapore’s famous shopping district to beat the afternoon heat. I checked out Kinokonuya Bookstore to pass time and later, ate one of those Waffle Ice Creams at the streets.

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