Back to the Fold

Sabin Resort

Lounging in the waters. A cover study I shot at Sabin Resort in Ormoc.

The scorching heat of summer has placed its veil upon us puny humans. Lest no choice but to bow to its wavering heat and succumb us to unending sweat in the summer days. Thus our instincts dictates us to flee in comfort. Come beach and pool and wallow endlessly in its cool, calming waters. Alternately, voyage to higher altitudes where the breeze of the mountains still emanates a nurturing coolness. Yes, summer is here!

The Ronin returns after a brief respite.

As compensation of not writing for some time, let me recap in brief, highlights for the past few weeks:

Holy Week. For a change, I spent holy week in Manila. Instead of thinking I got left out of the vacationing crowd, I instead thought of it as rest from my vacation. The past few months was like a vacation for me and I guess it’s time to slow things down and see what has changed here. What did change? Holy week is not is used to be. Then, “all” establishments were closed during good friday, even the convenience stores, now some are open, the Video Stores are open to take advantage of crowd, internet Cafes are open to attend to those MMORPG gamers. Pasyon is still alive but now they have political undertones as well?! (talking about seperating the church from the state). Imagine those elderlies singing the pasyon in lyrics of protest against the upcoming VAT (Value added tax) increase. There’s TV. Cable has drastically changed holyweek as well. No regular channels, there’s always cable to turn to.


Freakin’ Burnt Out!!

Timog, Quezon City

Ok, I’m about to sleep now. Today I really feel burnt out! For the first time I’ve stayed until 7:30pm at the office trying to finish a freakin’ impossible deadline of Alpha 1 of the 3 sites. And bad thing was that I’m not getting paid for that excess times. f@$& !!! Sheesh!

Ok I’ve breathed it out. Well after work I still managed to catch up with the guys at Export Bank. Good thing they waited for me while I fix up the last details from the site. We drove to Quezon City where we had dinner at Kababs. Was able to sample this new spicy curry dish which I forgot the name. But it was nice and satisfying. I left early though cause my head is still throbbing from all those concentration.

I am too focused at work that I didn’t even notice that one of my travel-buddy Vidge visited the office and kept calling me until I looked on the other side. Well that was quite funny. Eds also introduced his GF(?) Mhean to the group. Was surprised really cause I didn’t know that it was already them. Hmmm…. he’s keeping it secret ? Well they seem to be ok. Haven’t seen Rod for some time there. It was nice to hear Grace and Him bicker around. I heard also that Drew got into an accident. Dunno if it was true or not as he has a reputation to joke around. Talk about “the boy who cried wolf”.

Well gotta go. A new day tomorrow and my eyes are starting to shut without me knowing.

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