Batanes Travel Guide | Batan Island 2016 Edition Now Available

The Batanes Travel Guide Batan Island 2016 Edition

The Ironwulf En Route Travel Guides is your offline travel companion. I’m proud to announce the update to the comprehensive Batanes Travel Guide, the Batan Island 2016 edition. The new edition expands to 50 pages updating the latest info on Batan Island, updated map of the island and Basco town proper, latest transpo rates,  accommodation listings and more places to dine. Unlike the first edition, the new edition is a paid download as a lot of time and effort has gone into making this ebook from layout, illustrations, photography and copy. I hope you find it worth as a support for this site and share it to your friends for a discounted price. For more details on what’s inside visit the dedicated page for the Batanes Travel Guide | Batan Island 2016 edition.

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Launching the En Route Travel eGuide Batanes | Batan Island

This is a concept that has been playing in my head since late last year. I’ve always wanted to do a Travel Guide for my site but I wanted to do it right. Ironwulf En Route has always been about narratives. If I wanted a Travel Guide, I want something that I can practically bring with me on my travels even offline. I swear how convenient these guides were on my own travels. Hence, I made this Travel eGuide, a handy downloadable destination travel ebook. And as a debut, I made sure I feature one of my favorite destinations which is the Travel eGuide Batanes!

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