Seair Inflight: Art Spark

Seair: Art Spark

Seair Inflight Feb-Mar 2009: Art Spark

Seair Inflight’s February – March 2009 Magazine is now available. In this issue, you’ll find the “Art Spark” story feature on the Insider’s Guide section. Insightfully written by Ces Rodriguez and ingenious layout by Jocas See, I was fortunate enough to be the photographer for this feature. The story is all about the interesting Art trail in Manila from the prehistoric to the religious, traditional and modern and even to the emerging and hip art scene. This was a 2 day photo assignment shot early 2009. I found it a bit challenging since most of the time we shoot indoors for this one and focused more on the culture, objects and architecture rather than outdoor scenery and portraits.


Picture Perfect: Placing his passion in focus

MB's Picture Perfect Feature Cover

Manila Bulletin’s Picture Perfect Photographer of the Week (Feb 17, 2009)

It’s always feels great to have your work noticed. I honestly never imagined to be a feature on Picture Perfect so it was a pleasant surprise when I heard from Ronald Jayme if I could be one of their Photographer of the Week feature. I was still in Laos when the issue came out so I only got to see it a few days after it was out. Though I think the layout could be a little better ( I thought the photos were a bit cramped) and Newsprint really isn’t an ideal medium to print your photos, I really really appreciate the mileage and exposure Manila Bulletin’s Picture Perfect has given. Even considering me as a feature was honor enough. So my sincerest thanks to Ronald Jayme for the feature and to Yugel Losorata for the write up. Below is the write up and you can click on the images for the higher resolution.

Placing his passion in focus
Yugel Losorata

There goes that opening line from The Beatles’ classic “In My Life.” For lensman Ferdz Decena, this means putting out his camera and capturing images for posterity. His travels are kept remembered not just through his memory bank, but in his portfolio as a shooter.

Metro Manila Philippines

Pasig: Rainforest Park Macro

Butterfly zipping nectar on a Lantana

Butterfly zipping nectar on a Lantana

(Update April 16, 2014: Check out the updated post on RAVE of Pasig here)

Before I start on the series of my recent travels, I’d like to get this one out of the way first. I am fairly new to the world of Macro Photography. And I think this kind of photography is a world of its own. Seeing those minuscule details just blow up on your pictures is both exciting and fascinating. So armed with a 35mm Macro Zuiko Digital for my E500, I did some experiments on shooting a lot of flora, which is quite a popular subject in Macro Photography. So I hope you enjoy the images here which are all RAW processed and un-cropped.


Euphony in solitude

Piano Girl

And she plays on…

I apologize if I have to cut the Cambulo story short for now. But I have to leave the blog world for a while, when I’ll be back I’m not sure when. I have been beset by some inner demons and I have to hide inside a cave for god knows how long to exorcise them. I guess I’ll be going on this alone. I’ll be back, and probably with a new layout if things go well. See you later guys…


Coffee love?

Coffee at Coffee Dream

Doing the Daily Snap: Project 365 has been fun so far. I’ve made it past a month! Hehe. Doing the project has somehow trained you to be creative daily, always looking for something to shoot, even the littlest things can be an amazing subject. The daily walk can offer something new you haven’t even noticed before. And to add to that I’ve got a bunch of photos I wasn’t able to post since I only have to post 1 photo per day on my Daily Snap. I’ll be posting some of my faves there under my Exposure Category.

By the way, Happy holidays! Keep on snapping!


Sky, shadows and the sea

Quinawan Monochrome

Quinawan Point, Bataan

I decided to add a new category on this blog that would focus more on how the shots were taken and other technicalities.

Tech Data: Olympus C750 UZ (Semi-SLR), Handheld, Aperture Priority, 1/500 shutterspeed, f/6.3 Aperture, ISO 100, White Balance set at Manual, Tokina Circular Polarizer, Cokin Gradual Grey Medium (ND4) Filter

This was shot in Quinawan Bataan, I thought the two bamboo pillars looked picturesque with the human silhouettes and grass blades from afar. The tricky parts in shooting this landscapes with the lightsource in front is evening out the foreground and the sky. If you focus on the sky the foreground/ land becomes darker and becomes shadow, but if you shoot the foreground the sky would overexpose and blow up the highlights leaving the sky dull. To even out the sky I focused and metered on the foreground to keep its detail, used a Cokin Graduated Neutral Density Filter on the sky to reveal its color.

Post-processing done in photoshop was to colorize it in Hue/Saturazion for the Sepia look, which I think was more appropriate for the picture. Below is the original raw picture out of the camera.

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