Laos Travel Waterfalls

Laos: Waterfalls hopping at Bolaven Plateau

Bolaven Plateau's Majestic Tad Yuang Falls

Bolaven Plateau’s Majestic Tad Yuang Falls

After kick starting our day with a spicy breakfast of Foe noodles, we finally made our way to Bolaven Plateau. About 50km from Pakse, Bolaven Plateau is at the North Eastern province of Champasak located up to 1300 meters above sea level. With the cool climate, abundant rainfall, rich volcanic soil, it has been world reknown for its coffee. I’m not there for the coffee though but for the number of waterfalls found in the area.

Camiguin Travel Waterfalls

Camiguin: Pristine Tuasan Falls

Tuasan Falls Cascade

Camiguin’s Unspoilt Tuasan Falls

Coming from Mantigue Island, we headed back to the main island of Camiguin and stayed at the Islet Resort in San Roque, Mahinog near Benoni Port. We got a good price there for very basic accommodations, but the Kho family owners are very hospitable and has lots of stories to tell. We rested a bit and then decided to head to one of the off-beaten-track destination in Camiguin, the Tuasan Falls.

Camiguin Travel

Camiguin: Katibawasan Falls and the Sunken Cemetery

Sunken Cemetery Faith Strong as the Rocks Horizontal

Camiguin Sunken Cemetery Faith Strong as the Rocks

Getting into Camiguin was fairly easy, by mid-day we were already at Benoni Port. We got hold of a multi-cab who agreed to wait for us while we had lunch. We had a very satisfying lunch at J & A Lagoon at the nearby Tanguines Blue Lagoon. We had to pull ourselves from one of their huts lest we lull into sleep from the tranquil view of the lagoon and afternoon wind. Soon we were off to Yumbing.

Marinduque Travel Waterfalls

Marinduque: Falls on Sta Cruz

Kawa-kawa Cascade Vertical

Kawa-Kawa Falls Cascade in Sta Cruz, Marinduque

It took us almost an hour to reach the town of Sta Cruz coming from Torrijos. We headed into the market area where we also passed by the main Jac Liner station there. We saw the bus we rode already parked. We had a hearty lunch of sinigang with fresh fish and good ol’ home-cooked pork chop and calamares at one of the carinderias there. Followed by a serving of ice cream nearby. With the afternoon closing midway, we moved on to explore some of the town’s attractions.

Travel Waterfalls

Bacolod: Chasing waterfalls at Mambukal Mountain Resort

Mambukal 7th Falls Cascades

Mambukal 7th Falls Cascades

Our 4:55am flight from NAIA Terminal 3 to Bacolod was fairly in time, arriving a little past 6am in the morning at the relatively new Airport in Silay. We were welcomed by a few taxi drivers and companies offering their shuttle services heading to Bacolod Town proper which is around 45minutes away. There were Taxi shuttles which they fill in costning 150 Php per pax. There is also a taxi-van for 450 Php. We chose the latter since it has the same price for the 3 of us for the taxi, plus we have the van only for the 3 of us.

Iloilo Travel Waterfalls

Iloilo: The hidden Bugsukan Falls

The barely seen Bugsukan Falls

The barely seen Bugsukan Falls

With an afternoon to spare in Miagao town after shooting the Miagao Church, we decided to head farther at the town of Dalije to check out the Bugsukan Falls. With none of us really familiar with the place it was a fortunate accident that we bumped into Carlito a local of Miagao who helped us to find this not-so-hidden falls in Iloilo.

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