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So you planned your European travel itinerary meticulously and you’re ready to go. You’ve allotted enough time between connecting flights so you don’t have to keep rushing from flight to flight and just chill out during the short layovers.  And you’ve also calculated your travel budget in detail so you can save some here, then splurge some there.  Then, the unexpected happens – a flight delay or cancellation.  It’s every traveler’s nightmare and one you can’t plan for in advance.

Japan Travel

From bustling Tokyo to Snowy Sapporo, here’s how to Save Big in Japan Travel 2020

A Guide on Flight Tickets To Japan  

Up until recently, planning a trip to Japan seems to be a prohibitive proposition.  Aside from the airfare, there’s the thing about Japan’s high cost of living which can translate to rather expensive travel costs.  Good thing that travel has evolved and come of age with more affordable fares and rather inexpensive options – if you know where and how to look for them.  Let’s start with transport: with cheap flights to Japan deals, you can start planning your Japanese jaunt sooner than later.  If you want to save even further, watch out for Jetstar flight promos at Traveloka online.  In that way, you can save even more and have more cash for splurging on other things like shopping, dining and sightseeing.

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