The Olympus e-420: World’s smallest and lightest DSLR

Olympus e-420 with Zuiko 14-42mm ED Kit Lens

Olympus Philippines was kind enough to lend me one of the latest model from Olympus DSLR line for testing and review, the Olympus e-420. The Olympus e-420 is currently the world’s smallest and lightest DSLR in the market. I was really attracted to this little wonder and wanted to really test out the unit before actually jumping into buying one. Olympus was famous for creating the OM-system cameras in the 70’s and 80’s which was also known for being small and light yet still manages to bring out the excellent quality images. A lot were excited with the release of the e-420 as it brought back the retro style cameras and also introduced the highly anticipated Zuiko 25mm 2.8 pancacke lens. I have been using a production unit for more than a week now and here are my initial impressions.

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Nokia N82 Field Test

Nokia N82 5 megapixel camera phone with Xenon Flash

Who said the megapixel race is only for Digital SLRs? Right now mobile phone manufacturers are also into their megapixel race on their camera dedicated phones. Though I always argue that bigger megapixel isn’t really that big of a deal in real world use, I guess it’s comforting to know that you have a crop option when you have more resolution available. Recently, Nokia Philippines was kind enough to loan a few select photobloggers to to test, use and experience their latest 5 megapixel Camera Phone, Nokia N82 with built-in Xenon Flash.

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MP3 players going wireless

Samsung introduces the new Peony TV LCD with true black

Just taking a breather from my Siquijor post. And this is not a paid post by the way, I was able to attend one of Samsung Philippines’ product launch last Wednesday at Manila Peninsula Makati. Yes, that’s the day before the Trillanes Stand off in Makati happened. Again, bloggers were included in the company’s marketing wheel so a few were invited in this 3 day event. That was the last day and there were supposed to be some other bloggers on that day along with other media from TV and print publications as well. Well it seemed that the others rescheduled and came on different dates. As for that night I came with fellow invitee Ricky Manzano of ProjectManila. All photos taken with my Sony Ericsson K800i.

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Tools of the Trade

Rico XR-2s SLR

I can’t seem to remember how I got interested in Photography. Ever since, my family has been fond of photos and we got piles of photo albums and pictures to testify. Maybe tinkering with those toy cameras that my Tito’s (Uncles) gave us also piqued my interest. But what really got me into serious Photography was in college when we had a Photography subject on our senior year. Since I needed a camera badly at that time, I asked my relatives if they could spare me one. My Uncle gave me his spare SLR camera Ricoh XR-2s, since he was now using those early releases digital camera at that time. It was a nice tough camera, but heavy as well. From there, I learned all the basics of Photography from shutter speed to aperture to composition as well as developing. Photography subject was really fun as every week our professor gave us photo assignments to test what we have learned.

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