China: Giant Buddha of Leshan 乐山大佛

Leshan Giant Buddha Head View

Continuing on, from the Leshan Buddha Park trail, we are now headed to the actual site of Giant Buddha. The Giant Buddha was carved beside the red sandstones of Mount Lingyun at the eastern part of Leshan City in Sichuan facing the Dadu river. It is still part of China’s Mount Emei Scenic Area and Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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China: Onwards to Leshan 乐山

Locks of Promises

We only spent a night at Chongqing and the next day we moved on westward to Leshan. Found at the south west portion of Sichuan Province, Leshan, which means “Happy Mountain” is home to a pair of another UNESCO World Heritage sites. Both sites Emei Shan and Leshan Giant Buddha are a mix of cultural and natural areas. Our first stop was the latter. So after checking out of Nanbin Hostel, we went out to the rainy morning streets, took a cab back to Caiyuan Ba Bus Station.

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