Iloilo: The hidden Bugsukan Falls

The barely seen Bugsukan Falls

With an afternoon to spare in Miagao town after shooting the Miagao Church, we decided to head farther at the town of Dalije to check out the Bugsukan Falls. With none of us really familiar with the place it was a fortunate accident that we bumped into Carlito a local of Miagao who helped us to find this not-so-hidden falls in Iloilo.

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China: Giant Buddha of Leshan 乐山大佛

Leshan Giant Buddha Head View

Continuing on, from the Leshan Buddha Park trail, we are now headed to the actual site of Giant Buddha. The Giant Buddha was carved beside the red sandstones of Mount Lingyun at the eastern part of Leshan City in Sichuan facing the Dadu river. It is still part of China’s Mount Emei Scenic Area and Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Nagarao: Island of the Tree Spirits

Touching the Sand

Have you ever tried staying in an enchanted isle before? A place where people believe elemental spirits dwell on a Castle Tignaman Tree, UFOs usually stops by on a certain schedule, where a white lady would shower at night to enamor its chosen prey. These are the stories of old people from Guimaras tell of the island known as Nagarao. Whether these stories are true or not, I assure you, the natural beauty of this island will captivate those who step on its shores.

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