Tea tasting with tummy treats

Lemon Torte

You know what I else I like aside from shooting travel photos? It’s Food! Those baked goodies just melt in your eyes. I was recently able to try some cakes at Classic Confections in Greenbelt 5. Pastries is one of my food weaknesses, especially those colorful and mouth watering ones like from this cake shop. I try to stay away eating much of these, if fact I’m already contented eating bits of one of each since some I found really sweet. So let me just indulge a bit with some yummy photos instead. I really like the colors of these goodies.

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Japanese Wagyu wonder at La Maison

The famous Wagyu Beef Burger

Christmas is coming, and for most of us Pinoys, it’s the season not only for giving gifts and endless parties, but also reunions and re-acquittance with people we have not seen for a while. And not to be missed in any of these occasions is the food. As I always do on my blog, when I find a place interesting I try to feature them here, and one place we just stumbled upon with my officemates when we were looking for a nice restaurant at the newly opened Greenbelt 5 in Makati is La Maison. I thought this place is perfect for barkadas to gather around and share food especially this season. All photos on this set were taken with my mobile phone, Sony Ericsson K800i.

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