Discovering Marinduque’s Heritage: A Bicycle Adventure in Boac

Marinduque Bicycle Adventure in Boac

Marinduque, with its heart-shaped allure, has always held a special place in my early travel adventures. I’ve been lucky to visit this enchanting island three times before, savoring its scenic coastal roads, captivating falls, lush hills, and vibrant cultural tapestry. But on this recent trip, thanks to the wonderful support of DOT MIMAROPA, I had the opportunity to experience Marinduque in an entirely new way – exploring its wonders on two wheels. Biking through this picturesque paradise allowed me to connect more intimately with its beauty, embracing the slower pace that enriched my appreciation of the island’s charm.

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The Beguiling Capalonga Black Nazarene and its Natural Wonders

Capalonga Camarines Norte

Did you know that there’s more to the Black Nazarene than the one in Quiapo? In the remote municipality of Capalonga, Camarines Norte, there exists another revered Black Nazarene that draws hordes of devotees every May. Nestled within the Diocesan Shrine of Jesus, this centuries-old religious icon attracts pilgrims from both near and far, despite being situated approximately 285 kilometers away from Manila. Once visitors pay their respects to this miraculous image, they can delve into the exhilarating ecotourism adventures that await in this picturesque coastal town.

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Unveiling San Juan Batangas: Beyond Beaches and More

Unveiling San Juan Batangas

San Juan Batangas, known for its stunning coastal getaways in Laiya, offers a lot more than just pristine beaches. Venture into the mainland and discover a world of hidden wonders, heritage sites, nature trails, and delectable cuisine. San Juan may surprise you with its rich history, scenic landscapes, and diverse recreational activities. Let’s dive in and explore the treasures that lie beyond the shores.

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Siklista Iglesia: Heritage Churches You Ought To Visit In Rizal Province By Bike

Siklista Iglesia

With Holy Week just around the corner, it’s time once again to consult a map and contemplate on doing the rounds of churches for the annual Visita Iglesia. While you’re at it, it might be worthwhile exploring Rizal Province which is renowned for beautiful, mostly centuries-old churches with some dating back to the Spanish colonial period. This year, why not hop on your bike instead of walking so you can cover more ground?  After all, you’d still be using your legs as some sort of sacrifice for the Lenten season while pedaling your way to municipality after municipality of quaint, …

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Walks In The Parks: Taking a Breather After The Pandemic Lockdowns In Metro Manila’s Best Parks 

Arroceros Park paved pathway

After more than two years of the pandemic and its seesawing mandates on lockdowns, it’s literally a fresh idea to literally go out once again in the open to the freedom of your nearest park.  Imagine how we all coped staying put and working (studying for those still in school) at home, going out only on the most exigent errands. 

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The Heritage of Culion Town

Culion Town Palawan

Leprosy has been eradicated in Culion since the 1980s but the stigma still remains. It didn’t help that the World Health Organization (WHO) only declared Culion leprosy-free in 2006. So why not embrace this history of healing of this infectious disease? The structures, the research, the tools, and the story of the people who lived while it was a leper colony remain. Culion town is a witness to how a community persevered and healed.

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