Taichung City | Houfeng Bikeway: An Old Tunnel, Steel Bridge and Scenic Bike Trail

The Houfeng Bikeway

One thing I really like about Taiwan is how bike-friendly the country is. Bikeways are some of the main attractions in Taichung. Still at Houli district coming from the Chungse Tourist Flower Market, we found ourselves near a horse ranch and city park where there are several bike rental services in the area. The area is part of the Houfeng Bikeway (also called Hou-feng Bikeway). An extensive 4.5 km bike path running along an old mountain railway. It offers a unique experience of varying sceneries from the country side, the longest railway tunnel and a steel bridge.

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Taichung City | Chungshe Tourism Flower Market Sea of Blooms

A windmill display at Chungshe Toursit Flower Market

Taichung is not short of IG-worthy places to visit. Coming from Liphao Land, we had a short ride to Chungse Tourism Flower Market also found at Houli District. Also known as the Zhong Se Guang Guang Flower Market, the flower market is famous for successfully growing tulips in low altitude areas in central Taiwan. There’s a variety of blooms all year round that it has become a favorite place for pre-nuptial or post-wedding shoots or simply having wonderful portrait with a European-like back drop.

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Taichung City | 6 Exciting Reasons to Visit Liphao Land Theme Park

Liphao Land mural

Since Taiwan opened up to Filipinos with VISA-free entry, it became one of the hottest destinations from Manila. I have always wondered what Taiwan looks like having seen the large island country on a clear day from Batanes. It is so close from our farthest island at only 218km distance. That’s why I got so excited when I got a chance to experience Taiwan for a week courtesy of Taiwan Tourism Board. And our first stop upon landing at Taoyuan International Airport is Liphao Land in Taichung. The biggest theme park in the country. Let’s get started. It’s time for Taiwan!

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