WordPress 2

Wordpress 2

I just upgraded to WordPress 2 and I’m just enjoying the new features.

Interface has been revamped and writing entries are now easier and user friendly (for non techies) and for those advance users who enjoy customizing their entries, there’s the HTML editing and the live preview for your entry.

And for Blogger users, you can now set up your own account blog in their site! Try it out!

For those who wish to upgrade their installation here are some usful links:


Filipinos reaching new heights

Romi Garduce

Romi Garduce, questing for the “Seven Summit”

It’s been a very busy first half of December. Aside from doing the regular bi-weekly Philippine Mabuhay News, there’s some things that also needs taking care of for the Magazine and of course the Company’s Christmas party which I’m partly in charge of the setup as well as the group’s presentation for a competition. I like only have 2 hours of sleep Thursday night. I was planning to shoot the first Simbang Gabi that morning with that amazing full moon, but I was at the office, still working early in the morning. And thank god (and also my generous boss) deadlines are done, we went home by the end of the week with more money in our pockets, and more gifts that our hands can carry and most importantly we’re glad our group won First place in our Christmas competition! Woohoo!

So I didn’t get a chance to shoot that much except for our interview with Romi Garduce, who currently holds the record for the highest altitude reached by a Filipino, when he recently climbed Mt. Cho-oyu. Well he’s a good guy and was able to accomodate us. Check out his blog for updates on his activities. I was also slated to interview the Philippines’ First Team Everest but things didn’t work out. Regie Pablo is a kind dude but PAL (Philippine Airlines) is a major sponsor for their team and their manager said it would be a conflict of interest. Oh well.

Well hope to shoot some churches in the morning and try to figure out where I’ll be going this long weekend since I already got my leave.


Adobe and Macromedia Merges

Adobe Macromedia Merger

Now this I never saw coming. It might be the biggest news yet for the graphic and web industry. If I remember it was a few years ago when these two were in each other’s necks sueing, for patent violations. That’s why I never expected this merger. Anyways, I think they’re a match made in heaven since Adobe’s specialty is largely on Print and and Macromedia dominates the Web market. Their merger would benefit both parties since they have different specialties, and their combined technologies would benefit us users since they would be delivering a much better softwares for us.

For more information about the merger, check here:

Now the question is, “Why now?”. We all know Macromedia is doing good in the Web industry right now especially with their SWF format. Only speculation though, I think they are somehow threatened on the future of Flash, with the growing popularity and the “web standards industry” pushing the more flexible “SVG” (scalable vector graphics). SVG has been creepping under Flash for some time now, but since more people are trying to push the format, especially since it’s compatible to Web Standards XHTML, it’s gaining a lot of ground. Browsers like Opera and Firefox will be including SVG support on their upcoming major release, while then, people would have to go to adobe to download their Adove SVG plug-in. In a few years, SVG could be the next big thing, like how flash is a few years back then. Could Macromedia foresaw this coming and decided to go with the motto “If you can’t beat them, join them”, while they are at their peak? No wonder they didn’t issue a new release of the Studio MX suite as they do every year.

What ever this merger holds, I hope it would benefit us users. Now let’s see what more surprises they hold. 🙂

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