San Pascual | Isla Rancho Festival Bankarera 2015: A Sibid-sibid Race

Isla Rancho Bankarera Race 2015

There was this undeniable rhythm to his every paddle. A smooth motion like a clock gear yet with precise force enough to propel his sibid-sibid, a local term for a small boat, forward. I call him the “man in the middle”, as he was positioned on the starting line with four others participating in the Bankarera 2015 competition, one of the key events of this year’s Isla Rancho Festival in San Pascual, Burias Island, Masbate. While the “Man-in-the-middle” was nowhere ahead at the race launch, now here he is pitted neck-and-neck with another strong paddler. Who will win this race? …

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San Pascual | Colors and Faces of Isla Rancho Festival Streetdance 2015

Isla Rancho Festival 2015 Barangay Bulod

With so many festivals in the country, why check out the Isla Rancho Festival in San Pascual, Masbate? In a province known mainly for its vast fields for grazing cattle and cowboys overlooking the many ranches of its three islands, it is interesting to see how this cowboy culture is infused with their celebration in reverence to their patron saint San Pascual. The Isla Rancho Festival Streetdance competition was one of the highlights of their 8-day Isla Rancho Festival. This colorful spectacle from performances from eight groups of the 22 villages in San Pascual creatively showcased the traditional festive atmosphere similar …

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