Bulusan Volcano Natural Park in Sorsogon

Misty Bulusan Lake

Aside from the majestic Mt. Mayon in Albay, the next popular active volcano in the region is Mt Bulusan. The 1,565 meters high active volcano has cracked and rugged peaks. Locals often refer to Mt Bulusan as the male counterpart of the “female”, Mt. Mayon. Bulusan Volcano may not have that picturesque cone-shape form but the volcano and its surrounding area of rainforest and lakes is declared a national park. And recently, I had the fortune of visiting the Bulusan Volcano Natural Park twice. Seeing for myself and experiencing what this rainforest natural park has to offer.

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6 Water Sports That Are Excellent For Adventure


Water sports are a great way to get your adrenaline pumping and have an adventure. There are many different water sports to choose from, and each one offers its own set of thrills and excitement. In this blog post, we will discuss six water sports that are perfect for an adventure. So if you’re looking for a new way to experience the thrill of the outdoors, read on!

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Explore These Amazing Kayaking Spots and Make Your Next Travel Unforgettable

Amazing Kayak Spots

Kayaking is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the world. It is a great way to explore different areas and get some exercise simultaneously. While it mainly involves paddling, kayaking can also be a great way to enjoy the scenery and wildlife in other parts of the world. That is why kayaking is often considered one of the best ways to travel. However, the biggest challenge for most people is deciding where to go kayaking. To help you out, we have compiled a list of the best kayaking spots in the world.

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Bohol | Abatan River: Butterflies, Fireflies and Moonlit Nights

Firefly watching at Abatan River

Loboc is not the only river town in Bohol. The island province, home to the chocolate hills and the tiny primates, tarsiers, have four major rivers intersecting through the island. Up northwest is the Inabanga River, the largest on the island and Ipil River up north. Utilized for eco-tourism is Loboc River coming from the center of the island down to the southeastern coast and recently, the Abatan River flowing to the southwestern coast. Our adventure guide, Buzzy Budlong, found excellent paddling opportunities on the latter and set-up shop along with the town’s RiverLife tours to offer something different and new.

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Bohol | Paddling through Banacon Island Mangrove Sanctuary

Entering Banacon Island mangrove

“We can’t find our boat!” paddling master, Buzzy Budlong, tells me after several attempts of trying to spot our convoy outrigger boat through the maze-like passageways of Banacon Island, north of Bohol. Buzzy was at the back of our double kayak as I was the one in charge to shoot. We wait for the others south of the largest man-made mangrove island in Asia. He switched places with my assigned-writer friend, Oggie, back to his favorite yellow stand-up paddle (SUP) board, Mango Float. His sight looked far to the mainland. “Let’s head to that lighthouse!” he pointed. “Is he kidding?!” I thought. That’s almost 10km away by sea and we’re passing through two sea channels and an island. But he paddled on. He’s crazy like that which also partly makes him great.

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A Year in Travels March 2013 | Leaving El Nido and Reunions

It’s a sad sad moment when I was about to leave El Nido. One reason is that I will definitely miss the way of life there and the people I already know. It’s so different from the metro that I know it’ll be a major adjustment. Another is that i somehow failed in my attempt to live there longer. I was willing to live a provincial life but I guess fate has other plans. There were work and opportunities back in Manila that I can pass. And I was really slated to go back home somehow this month of March since most my relatives and siblings will be back home for a reunion. A rare time all siblings will be together.

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A Year in Travels February 2013 | El Nido Islands and Off-Beat Trails

My life in El Nido didn’t turn out as I expected it to be. My plan to stay longer got somehow waylaid due to unforeseen work circumstances. Though I no longer have work commitments I took it as an advantage to do more exploration in El Nido. Visiting more islands and off-beat destinations in the region.

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