Bohol: Of Chocolate Hills, Tarsiers and Loboc River Cruise

Bohol Of Chocolate Hills, Tarsiers and Loboc River Cruise

It’s a funny thing since I’ve been to Bohol several times but I never got to see the Chocolate Hills from that famous view deck in Carmen, Bohol. So l let myself be a tourist for the day. Joining in a bus load of media people who hosted and participated on the Survivor Challenge and get led like a flock of sheep around some of Bohol’s touristy side.

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Singapore: It’s a Mall World

Singapore Malls

Singapore probably has the most number of malls I’ve seen in a City. Make that on a city I have been to. If one would go on a trip for shopping, Singapore definitely has it. Especially on sale seasons when foreign visitors get even more bargains than the locals. Heck, Singapore currently holds one flagship National Geographic Store in Vivo Mall (soon in Kuala Lumpur) that made me drool when I got in. I’m not really a mall person but Singapore malls are interesting places aside from shopping.

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Singapore: The Marina Bay and Merlion Park

Singapore Marina Bay and Merlion Park

Pardon my indulgence as I become a casual tourist on this post. I know there are probably thousands of Merlion photos in the web. It’s just that the first time I went to Singapore, I never got to see the Merlion Statue as it was hidden behind walls on its regular maintenance shower. The 2nd time around I was too busy to go there so it was only on my recent visit that I get to take photos of Marina Bay and Merlion Park with the Merlion there.

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