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Pasig: Rainforest Park Macro

Butterfly zipping nectar on a Lantana

Butterfly zipping nectar on a Lantana

(Update April 16, 2014: Check out the updated post on RAVE of Pasig here)

Before I start on the series of my recent travels, I’d like to get this one out of the way first. I am fairly new to the world of Macro Photography. And I think this kind of photography is a world of its own. Seeing those minuscule details just blow up on your pictures is both exciting and fascinating. So armed with a 35mm Macro Zuiko Digital for my E500, I did some experiments on shooting a lot of flora, which is quite a popular subject in Macro Photography. So I hope you enjoy the images here which are all RAW processed and un-cropped.


Sleek Olympus C-750

Pong Pagong

I finally got a digital camera! Woohoo! Yesterday, my friend and I went to hidalgo to buy a digicam, I was still thinking wether I should buy a Canon A80 or an Olympus c-750. But after more closer look, both the features and it’s build, the Olympus C-750 got it. The canon is a very good camera and it’s swiveling LCD is a really great attraction, but the Olympus host of features, quality and it’s 10x optical zoom outweighs the A80 for me.

I got a chance to play with some of it’s features when I got home. Check out the pic of Pong, our pet turtle at home. This is in Macro Mode under flourescent. I have to shrink the photo a bit but the detail of the original is really great. And I love the white balance options and extends it further. I still have a lot of features to play with it, once I get accustomed I’ll be shooting all the way.

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