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In Transit: Passing Through Claveria and an Overnight at Kapuluan Vista Pagudpud

Lakay-lakay Lagoon Claveria
Lakay-lakay Lagoon Claveria, Cagayan

Buguey’s seafood buffet was more than enough to fill us during the two hour journey to Claveria, the last town in Cagayan next to Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. I was enjoying the view from my window despite the rain while sliding sideways from our seats as we traverse the twisting highroads to the town of Claveria. A coastal town where the river flows, numerous blue boats parked on the shore and people in their blue rain coats were tending their nets were seen. It was really interesting.

General Ilocos Norte

Edge of the northern lands

Maira-ira Beach at Blue Lagoon

Maira-ira Beach at Blue Lagoon

My recent visit to the North finally gave us a chance to visit a more secluded beach beyond the Saud beach in Pagudpud. The scenic cove of Maira-ira beach also known as Blue Lagoon is a 20 minutes drive from Saud Beach. I don’t know why they coined the place as “Blue Lagoon” since it’s more of a cove than a lagoon. I guess the title has a more mysterious or romantic feel to it. Romantic may be a better term as this once secret beach has only one resort available and is perfectly tucked away from the crowds. There are exotic cottages there for rent for only Php 20 if you are not planning on staying by the nearby Kapuluan Vista Resort.

The beach has off-white grainy sand and really blue waters like a gigantic swimming pool. The depth could get deep short distance from the shore but the floor is all sand so it’s safe to swim on your bare feet. There’s a slight undertow as well. We really have fun at this beach since it’s not crowded and the water is enjoyable.

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