RedDoorz Premium Near Greenbelt: Convenient Stay in the Heart of Makati

At RedDoorz Premium near Greenbelt

RedDoorz had an interesting story on how it started in Indonesia. It came from a need to find convenient stays around the city if traffic was a standstill and people couldn’t go home. Offering an affordable stay option nearby for the night instead of lingering aimlessly in the street was needed. Hence, RedDoorz concept was born. A tech-based company utilizing an app to search for partner properties nearby or a specific destination. Much like Uber or Grab users get to choose the level of quality from Basic, Plus and Premium. Recently I had the chance to try RedDoorz Premium near Greenbelt as I was conveniently looking for a place at the heart of Makati. I was taking a two-day weekend workshop and just wanted to stay nearby .

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Stay | I’m Hotel: 5 Star Luxury in Makati and the First Onsen Spa in the Country

The bedroom at the 1BR Executive Suite at I'm Hotel

It’s all about you at I’m Hotel. It’s time to celebrate your individuality and indulge yourself with some much deserved luxury. I’m Hotel is a 5-star hotel in the heart of the bustling Poblacion, Makati. It’s hard to miss this 24-story hotel, towering at the corner of Kalayaan and Makati Avenue. It’s near the central business district and just walks away from where the nightlife and shopping areas are.

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Stay | Jupiter Suites: Spacious Rooms at Affordable Prices in the Heart of Makati

Makati is a prime location in Metro Manila. If you’re travelling and looking for a place to stay within this city, initial impression would be that it would be expensive. A bed alone at one of the hostels can cost Php 500–700 alone. But if you have a little more budget and yearning for more space than the four corners of a bed, it is worth checking out Jupiter Suites in Bel-air Makati. More than a decade of experience is its charm and ridiculously huge rooms as one of its key appeal.

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Makati: Finding Home at Our Melting Pot Hostel

Stepping into a foreign land can be intimidating and exciting. Expect some degree of culture shock as one learns the rope of a place. The ease of getting used to a foreign land depends on one’s first few steps are. In my case, I can get by with mid-range to budget hostels and inns when I travel, much like Motherland Inn when I went to Burma. They were so friendly and helpful on a personal level that I quickly adjusted. But for the Philippines who’s not really accustomed to hostels, sleeping at dorms with strangers, communal bathrooms, I was glad to learn that there is already a growing number of backpacker friendly hostels and one of them is Our Melting Pot Hostel in Makati.

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Makati: Bright Lights Beckon this Holiday Season at Ayala’s Symphony of Lights

Captivating. Dazzling. It’s really an experience watching the Ayala Triangle Symphony of Lights. I brought some of my relatives there and I was amused seeing the awe-filled look on their faces. This is another thing I like about Christmas, a lot of free entertainment for everyone like this light and music show and it’s becoming a new tradition in the likes of the COD Christmas display decades ago. And technology indeed has caught up in capturing the light spectacle. While I enjoyed shooting the lights, I also enjoyed looking at the people watching them.

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Metro Manila: Ironwulf Wishes Everyone A Merry Christmas

Christmas is changing. Honestly, I wish I would be in a place where Christmas is celebrated stripped off the commercialism and senseless countdowns and save some people some stress during this season. I asked a cousin of mine who has been around the world what he thinks about Christmas. I remember him telling me one of the best places he spent Christmas was in Papua New Guinea. People there don’t have much. They don’t have to worry about buying gifts to people and their only concern is coming together as a family, celebrating with what they have. Isn’t that ideal?

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Makati: Artsy Picasso Boutique and Salcedo Saturday Market

Makati Artsy Picasso Boutique and Salcedo Saturday Market

If Pablo Picasso were to design a living space, I would imagine the rooms to be divided in cubes with walls and furnishings playing on the palettes from his art during the heydays of Cubism. But even past his years, a new Boutique Serviced Residences, the first in the country, paid homage to the art and lifestyle of the famous painter naming the establishment, Picasso. Found at the heart of Makati Central Business district, I get to experience a night of luxury at one of its cube.

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