Camiguin: Beautiful White Island

Approaching Camiguin's White Island

The early morning downpour have deterred our original plan to visit White Island just off the cost of Yumbing where we were staying. Since it was raining and there was nothing left to do, but catch back some sleep. There’s no use fighting the weather. But waking up mid-morning to a sunny day was surprising. So after a quick breakfast at the nearby eatery, we headed off to Camiguin’s White Island.

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Camiguin: Katibawasan Falls and the Sunken Cemetery

Camiguin Sunken Cemetery Faith Strong as the Rocks

Getting into Camiguin was fairly easy, by mid-day we were already at Benoni Port. We got hold of a multi-cab who agreed to wait for us while we had lunch. We had a very satisfying lunch at J & A Lagoon at the nearby Tanguines Blue Lagoon. We had to pull ourselves from one of their huts lest we lull into sleep from the tranquil view of the lagoon and afternoon wind. Soon we were off to Yumbing.

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Transit: Travel to Camiguin

Balingoan Port Parked Bike

Camiguin Island has captivated not only local travelers but international tourist eyes as well. It has even earned itself a place on Lonely Planet’s Blue List 2008 on its Next Tourist Attractions list. It has also been a target destination for me for quite sometime as well since I got an art map of the island before. This small island which is second only to Batanes in land area and population is found in Northern Mindanao just off the coast of Misamis Oriental. Here’s an easy guide on traveling to Camiguin Island.

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