Back from the Cold

Yes I’m back from the trip. Though I would like to write more about it, work time calls forth because of my absence. Though I have written a few paragraphs for my write-up that people can preview for now:

“I am trying to craft words to describe our recent scale in the highest point of Luzon in the Philippines, but words can’t seem to assimilate somehow and only chose a fleeting single word – Different. The experience was neither good nor bad, but it’s impact was more of a mixed feeling of exhaustion, excitement, temper, hunger, awe, amazement, disappointments, happiness and blistering cold.

Akiki trail isn’t frequented much by many mountaineers. If you look into the log book of the main DENR ranger station in Ambangeg, there is only an average of 15 groups who go by the trail each year compared to 80 groups who go by Ambangeg, maybe because of the fear of the name “killer-trail” perhaps. The groups trip was much delayed in terms of planning, individual member’s schedule doesn’t seem to coincide, perhaps Pulag wasn’t meant to be at that time, but after much “gusto”, the trip eventually materialized and there were the 9 who dare to walk the trail.”

To be continued….

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