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Biking in Batanes | Sabtang Island from Basco on Day Trip Ride

Bike trek route to Chavayan village in Sabtang Island
Bike trek route to Chavayan village in Sabtang Island

It was almost pitch black. I was extra careful riding my bike as I could only see only about 6-10 feet of the road ahead of me. I was thankful for the cheap LED light I bought before flying to Batanes as I could never have ridden in this darkness. I left Basco as early as 5am so I could catch the first falowa to Sabtang island. After a day’s rest, I decided to continue biking in Batanes while I still have a group to join with, this time to bike Sabtang island. I wasn’t sure at first if I can handle the terrain but our guide Rene assured me Sabtang is a lot manageable than our North Batan Island ride to Tukon we did the other day.

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Bohol: Mongo-ol Bike Park and Baclayon Kayaking

Roel at Mongo-ol Bike Park at Baclayon Bohol
Roel at Mongo-ol Bike Park at Baclayon Bohol

I watch in amazement as Roel, a known local biker here in Bohol, gains momentum and speed as his bike descends on the rough slope leading to a short ramp which is the start of the biker’s trail. For a moment he and his bike were suspended in the air and instantly he dashes on a curve on to the rough mountain bike trail of Mongo-ol, Baclayon, Bohol. I know how to bike, but Roel, along with his fellow bikers here really know how to ride their mountain bikes easily on this mountain trail like riding on a pavement. They make it look so easy.

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Singapore: Biking at Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin

Biking is a popular activity at Pulau Ubin

I noticed there are many people who have an active lifestyle in Singapore. Every night I didn’t fail to spot one or more joggers in the street. A few bikers and some people I met regularly go to the gym after their work. But once in a while it can be a drag in the city. The concrete streets and buildings can never replace the rugged outdoors. I do know some friends of mine yearning for something different would head out of the city and go to Pulau Ubin, an Island getaway from urban Singapore and a famous hub for outdoor activities.

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Batanes: Biking Batan Island 40km Coastal Road

Biking Batan Island Biking the coastal Road

Biking a at least 40km of Batan Island’s Coastal Road

After a three day photo Assignment in Batanes, my companions left me on my lonesome in Basco. Learning I would be going to Batanes again, I asked if I can extend my stay there to explore. So I have around another 4 days to spare there. Oh I was originally planning to go back to Itbayat and explore that northernmost region of the Philippines but I chickened out when there was a heavy downpour that Friday morning that I have to postpone going there by boat and since the air strip there is being lengthened no planes could fly there. Not a good decision actually since the next few days became bright and sunny. More than to chill out, I decided to go around by biking Batan Island. Never knew that I would be biking at least 40km of Batan Island’s cliff side and coastal roads for at least 10 hours.


1st Padyakan sa Bataan 2006

Mariveles biking trail

Challenging biking trails in Bataan

Last Sunday, April 2, culminating the Araw ng Kagitingan in Bataan. Another 1st in the mountain biking enthusiast was held – the Padyakan sa Bataan 2006, organized by the Bataan Trail Riders in cooperation with the local tourism of Bataan. Since early morning, throngs of cyclist gather from different areas, even from Manila to join this exciting event.

Speed it up

Racers test their speed and skill at the 1st Padyakan sa Bataan

I’ve always been fascinated by Mountain Biking. But after seeing these enthusiast test their mettle under the heat of the sun, pushing their bikes on rough terrains, sweating it all out and going beyond their limit. Ayoko na! Hehehe! I’d rather not go with this sport. Tama na sa akin mag mountain climbing. Kasi ang gears sa mountain biking umaabot ng 150,000 pesos! I think I can’t afford to spend that much unless I make it my career.

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