Da Vinci Code movie, banning and Jesus Christ

Da Vinci Code movie

I think it’s the first in movie history that a film caused so much of an uproar in the religious sectors of our society. That even the local Catholic Church started its commercial ad moves as not to dismay their follower’s fate by accepting ideas from this movie. Honestly I haven’t read the “Da Vinci Code,” but have heard much about it since a couple of years back. There was also a time it was so popular that almost everyone in the MRT were reading the said book. But somehow I didn’t get a chance to read it despite the hype.

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KingKong the movie

Massively entertaining movie! That’s what’s KingKong is all about. Peter Jackson has set up the standards again in bringing computer animated characters to life. He did it with Gollum in Lord of the Rings and he did an impressive job here with KingKong.

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Dark Water

You know what’s creepier than those evil-huge-looking monsters in any horror/suspense movies? Evil children! Yes I think they are far more creepier than those hack-n-slash monsters nor those female ghost having a bad hair day that they decided to haunt the living. Yes, those innocent looking face, beady-eyed, with such sweet yet decietful evil smiles.

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The Great Raid: A basic war movie.

It’s not often the “Philippines” get a spot in a hollywood movie. More often than not, the country is mentioned only on the sidelines of major motion pictures and TV series. This time around, the country is on the spotlight for this latest WW-II based movie “The Great Raid”. Directed by John Dahl, is based on historical events documented from books by Hampton Side’s “Ghost Soldiers”, Forrest Bryant Johnson’s “Hour of Redemption” and William Breur’s “The Great Raid”.

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A scarier Batman returns

This is it! It’s the movie we’ve been waiting for and all I can say without holding back this is a DAMN GOOD MOVIE! Best so far in a series of movies based on a superhero. Even ranking high up there in the non superhero genre. This is a well crafted movie, kudos to director Nolan. DC’s got big points from me here after their disappointing Catwoman and LEOG (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)and an a-ok Constantine.

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A weekend with Che Guevarra

While everyone’s out on a weekend watching the overly-hyped “Star Wars Finale”, I’m at sickbay tending my inflamed tonsils (blame it for drinking ice-cold water after a long jog). Wishing I was on a beach in Batangas where I was invited, but I had to stay at home and rest. To make things more productive, or so it seems, it was a chance for me to finally watch “Motorcycle Diaries” DVD which have been collecting dust in my stack of DVDs for weeks now since I bought it.

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