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Climbing Mount Daguldol with Columbia Sportswear

Descending the Summit

Descending the Summit of Mt Daguldol

Now that summer is here, I know a lot of people would be doing what might be the hardest pre-traveling activity which is – packing and deciding which clothes to wear and take. I myself spend some time considering what set of clothes to pack depending on the number of days and travel destination. In the few set of clothes I bring, most of them are light, comfortable and functional. With functional, meaning it can take on the elements and dry quickly while remaining sensibly fashionable. One of the outdoor apparel brands which has this functional qualities is Columbia Sportswear. And just these weekend, Kenrich International, the local distributor of the brand, invited me along with fellow bloggers, Nina, Phoebe, AJ and Jayvee at the trails of Mt Dagulgol to put their outdoor clothes line and gears to a test.

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