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May-Kan Ilocos Norte: Come for the Sights, Relish the Flavors

Let me take you on a journey through the captivating corners of Ilocos Norte, where every sight is a story and every bite is an adventure. I’ve been a wanderer in this region for as long as I can remember, and let me tell you, it never fails to amaze me. Join me as we explore the vibrant culture, rich history, and mouthwatering cuisine of May-Kan Ilocos Norte!

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Ilocos Norte: Sarrat Sta Monica Church, Paoay Sand Boarding Redux and Balay Da Blas Night

Sunset Road at La Paz Sand Dunes
Sunset Road at La Paz Sand Dunes, Ilocos Norte

I thought I have seen most of the churches in Ilocos Norte but every time I go back here, more keeps adding to the list. After seeing the magnificent Kapurpurawan Rock Formation in Burgos, we head down back in south again to the municipality of Sarrat, the birthplace of the late president Ferdinand Marcos. Alongside the Pasdan River, which was overran by native cottages on the side stands the exquisite Sta Monica Parish Church, the largest church in the whole of Ilocos Region.

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Lakbay Norte: Paoay Sand Dunes 4X4 and Sandboarding Adventure

Lakbay Norte 4x4

4×4 at Paoay Sand Dunes Ilocos Norte

I try to hold on tight to the loop bars at the back of 4×4 jeep we were on but the large un-even size of the bars which are both larger than my grip were already a challenge. Besides, there was another person in front of me hugging the bar tight while screaming her head off. I let-off a scream as well as soon as I saw our way down the high ridge. Then it’s a strategic balance of rooting my legs inside the jeep to keep me from flying out as our jeep descends. The brief landing didn’t give us enough time to breath as our jeep make its way up the ridge and there are more ahead. Of the many times I’ve been to Paoay Sand Dunes in Ilocos Norte, it has never been this fun until now.

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