A New Chapter Opens Up

Paseo Center

Gonna miss walking on these streets

I thought about the recent chapter of my life closing. I’m eager to know what will happen next, but I have to read through every words and pore through every page coming through. It’s kind of exciting really, I don’t know something big is going to happen 🙂

My New Place

It’s past 1am in the morning and I’m still awake, staying at my soon to be new office. My own place! But it’s kinda unfinished yet at the moment. hehe. The only furniture I have right now is my PC, an electric fan and newly bought sofa bed. It’s gonna be my first time sleeping here. Earlier, I consulted with an Architect friend of mine Elgin, on improvements on the place. Need to add some tiles so the flooring would be more presentable and also repaint the walls. Might go about it this weekend.

In the meantime, I had an exit interview from my company. Did I mention I already resigned from my company? Yup I did, I thought it was time I move on to my endeavors. It was smooth and hnest really on an objective point of view.

Another eventful event today is just laughing out when a friend of mine recieved a baloon and a gift from his new girlfriend. I don’t know it made me laugh. Maybe I’m just happy for him. How far he has gone. Hahaha. Well I wished him well and insisted that they really belong together. I Bid him well on whatever plans he has.

Well below are some pics from my phone. Events from yesterday.

Lakbay Badminton Night

It was a really fun night when you really have some fun company. Was supposed to go home early but I really enjoyed the games. 🙂

New Gym

Am back at the gym after I think a month long away from it. New Gym by the way. More cleaner and nicer equipment.

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